How Many Miles of Freedom?: DaimlerChrysler's Free-Gas Promotion

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Since Nov. 21, DaimlerChrysler has been offering a "free gas" promotion as an incentive bow atop a package of warranty and scheduled maintenance offers. The company's "Miles of Freedom" plan offers two years of free gas along with its five-year / 60,000 miles warranty and scheduled maintenance for two years / 24,000 miles. While the dealers are left to reveal details of the maintenance and warranty portions, DCX discloses a maximum gas value of $2,367. So let's see: With the average price of gas dropping to $2.15 this week, buyers who get, say 20mpg will get their first 22,000 miles paid for (or 11,000 miles per year). But if you're seeing, say, 9mpg in your 4.7-liter V8-powered Commander, you'll get less than 10,000 miles' worth of free gas. It's obvious the company used the average of vehicle miles traveled per year (~12,200) against the 2005 CAFE mileage standard of 20.6 mpg, which would be $2369 at $2 per gallon. How many Jeep buyers will actually see the CAFE average is another matter entirely.


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