Ford Dealership Sends Tiny Mustang To Near Space

I'm sure Ford dealerships all over will be doing all sorts of things to celebrate the Mustang's 50th anniversary — somber, majestic Sale-a-brations, banners hung from windows, all that crap. But at least one dealership in Stockton, CA knows how to do it right. They sent a Mustang into space.

Well, let's clarify: they sent a small model 2015 Mustang to what's considered "near space" (about 21 miles up) using a weather balloon, and they captured all the excitement with an attached GoPro. From what I can tell in the photos and video, the car seems to be the same snap-together model 2015 Mustang Ford gave out at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this year. It's quite light, which makes it an ideal choice for this.


Of course, this marks the first time a Mustang has been in space since Alan Shepard's old Mustang II was used as ballast in the cargo bay of the first space shuttle Colombia's test flights in 1981.

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