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Ford CEO Alan Mulally was up early for a Today Show interview in New York with NBC's Matt Lauer. Lauer fearlessly probed Mulally, peppering him with a slew questions. Smiling like a Cheshire cat, Mulally non-answered every one of them.


The only real answer Alan "Boeing! Boeing!" Mulally gave was when Matt Lauer asked the question of whether Ford's the underdog with federal help. He claims they support the decision. But then when Matt asked Mulally whether he believed GM could turn into a Vietnam-type situation for President Obama. Alan answered only by saying "We are focused on Ford and we're making the best cars and trucks consumers...will value..." Then something like "Have you seen the new Ford Taurus outside?" Decline to answer and then...pivot back to message. This guy's pretty good with the whole "message" thing, ain't he?


Here's the video of Alan "Message" Mulally parrying, pivoting and answering absolutely nothing on the Today Show today.

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