Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

When Omar Bongo died, it didn't take long for the Gabonese government to put his Lagonda up for sale, and they'll even throw in a bottle of Febreze to get the dead guy smell out.

Yesterday, the sad little Lima split the vote 50/50, in a nail-biter of a contest. Today with have another English ex-pat Nice Price or Crack Pipe contender- Omar Bongo's 1985 Aston Martin Lagonda, which is being offered for sale at a presidential $70,000.


You may remember Omar Bongo from such ‘80s hits as Dead Man's Party, Only a Lad, and Little Girls, each a top 20 hit in both the U.S. and his native Gabon. In addition to pop stardom, Omar was also the longest ruling potentate of an African nation. Bongo's Lagonda, however, happens to live in France, so you should factor into your price evaluation the shipping cost of a 19-foot long, 4,551lb non-U.S. certified automobile. Ka-ching!

The synth-heavy rocker's Lagonda hails from the high point of the new wave music era- 1985, and is one of six outfitted by Tickford. Interior upgrades include gold plated trim and, of course, a killer stereo. Under the hood you will find Aston Martin's built-by-hand 5.4 litre V8, pushing out a respectable 300bhp, which is channeled through a slushy torqueflite 3-speed to the rear wheels. Resting on top of all that, the William Towns folded-paper design feels as dated today as when it was new, and the low slung body compromises the interior space to a degree. Although that was unlikely an issue for 4'11" Bongo, back when he wasn't dead.

It should also be noted that this is a series 2 car, which means it is cursed with the 3-CRT dashboard, that proved to be even less reliable than the series 1 LCD dash. And of course, now that they don't broadcast analog anymore so you won't be able to get in reruns of Square Pegs on any of them.


When Bongo died this month in Spain, so did the longest rule of any African nation, the need to maintain his compensating-for-something collection of extremely long cars, and any hope of a reunion tour. In addition to this car, we recently saw another of Bongo's rides, the Stutz Royale with Cheese limo, which transported him, on occasion, about Gabon, and makes this Aston look like a sub-compact. But that will be a NPOCP candidate for another day.


So what's your take on this legendary leader's lanky Langonda? Does $70 grand plus shipping make your bongo drum? Or does that price leave you as empty as the hearts of the Gabonese people, lamenting the loss of their beloved leader, and rock and roll superstar?

You decide!

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