Sweden is the land of the midnight sun, while Japan is the land of the rising sun. Today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Volvo on a Toyota 4x4 should be able to traverse almost anyplace under the sun, but is its price a bright idea?

At thirty five hundred and not full of spiders or on fire, yesterday’s 1981 Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider proved not just Nice Price worthy (83% vote) but a siren’s song, luring many of you towards the rocks of financial ruin, as these things eventually do.

Today however, we have a vehicle that will not only bring you back from the edge, it’d make its way through damn near anywhere.

Whether it’s hamburgers or handjobs, everybody likes getting two for one. Today’s all wheels spinning Amazon is the automotive equivalent of a two for one, being as it is a Volvo wagon, mounted on the frame of a Toyota pick-em-up.


Volvo’s 122 was first introduced in 1956 and was known domestically as the Amazon. The two and four door sedans, and handsome wagon - like today’s 1968 car - were competent road cars, but until this one, none was one you might actually trust to slog through its namesake rainforest.

That’s because this one is resting on the stout frame of a 1984 Toyota 4X4. Rocking leaf springs and live axles, the pickup chassis proved a good weapon of choice should your street gang regularly engage in four by four fighting.


Power here is provided by Toyota’s rock solid 22R, a 2,366-cc four pot good for 96 ponies and 129 ft-lbs of torque. Backing that up is a five-speed gearbox, and of course the wheels are spun by means of a two-speed transfer case.

Back in the day, the Toyotas were praised for their off-roadability and criticized for their craptitude on the macadam. This clean title two’fer probably suffers similarly, but who cares, it’s a flippin’ Volvo on a pickup!


Not only that but it doesn’t look like a dog’s ass, the body being straight and the trim seemingly present. Oh sure, the brightwork is that in name only, and it’s painted that weird shade of baby shit green, but that’s all secondary to the fact that it’s jacked up like Lindsay Lohan, and is going to make its new owner the king of whatever realm he or she happens to roll through.

But, is its $7,900 price too princely a sum to pay for this interspecies mating of awesome and awesomer? What do you think, is that an amazing price for this car’s two for one deal? Or, does that price make this Volvoyota a too far expensive deal?


You decide!

Los Angeles Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

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