Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

Today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Nissan is JDM which of course makes it RHD. That’s about the only hardship you’d face in this rolling living room, as its also 4WD, and comes with a clean California title. Perhaps its price will prove a nasty sort of parlor game?

It’s often been said—by me—that in a game of cat and mouse it’s always better to be the spider than the fly. Yesterday’s 1981 Fiat Sport Spider was pretty fly, as was its $9,990 price tag, at least to the 56-percent of you who awarded it with a Nice Price win.

Hey, random question: does your grandma have one of those really homey-style living rooms? You know, the room no one’s allowed in because they might make a mess right before the Queen or a judgmental neighbor shows up for a visit? You’d sneak in there anyway because there’s a bowl of candy on the table, but then discover it’s all nasty-ass ribbon candy, and worse, it’s from 1992. Ewww.

This Nissan Caravan Limousine is also from 1992, however there’s nothing at all Ewww about it. It also rocks a parlor-like passenger compartment that might just put your beloved Nana’s sitting room to shame.


This Caravan represents the third generation of vans/buses from Nissan, a series that can trace its roots all the way back to the Sixties. This line was in fact, originally a product of the Prince Motor Company. That was the auto maker that Nissan bought back in 1965. Under that brand it was called the Homy, and that allowed owners the opportunity to quip “Homy doncha know me? You knew me when you blew me.

The cab-over vans and passenger busses have gone under various names since then, but they’ve never been officially sold under any name here in the U.S..


This one’s over 25 years old, and its being a diesel—the 2.7-litre, 128-horsepower TD27ETi six—it even dodges California’s strict embargo against non-compliant imports. That means it comes with a clean California title and even a clever JDM BUS vanity plate in the state’s newly-offered retro-black.

The Caravan is of course RHD, but it’s also 4WD and sports a crazy-cool 4WD-Intercooled decal on its nose. I love how that random compound of features is presented in decal form. I also really like how this Caravan has power curtains. I think it should be the goal in life of us all to own at least one vehicle with curtains.


Those drapes don’t match the carpet, but that’s okay as the red stuff on the floor appears to just be throw rugs protecting the factory wall-to-wall. There are captains chairs in here as well. Those swivel and look to offer comfort rivaling the best the massage chairs guarding entrances of Hammacher Schlemmer locations in malls all across America have to offer. There’s also—get ready for this—a chandelier in here. It’s just aft of the large center moonroof.


Up front, the driver enjoys a dash layout that’s clean and tidy, albeit backwards from what we’re used to expecting. The diesel six sits just below your left butt cheek and its accessible via a hatch in the center console. Power this and that, as well as heated seats help make this Limousine edition live up to the standards of its name.

The seller says that the bus has passed a dealer-proffered mechanical inspection back at 61,000 kilometers. It now sports 72,000 and has enjoyed a recent detailing to boot. It’s described as ‘rust and corrosion free’ with no leaks or issues. New tires—they still make Uniroyals?—wrap chrome aftermarket wheels, while the rest of the body looks to be in terrific shape without any peppering or notable chipping in the brown-on-brown paint.


The asking price is $14,000, and while you could get a similar experience visiting your grandma’s house, here you’d actually get to enjoy the luxury of the space. Also, here there’s no teasing of ribbon candy to vex and annoy.

What’s your take on this JDM bus and that $14,000 price? Does that seem like a deal to be able take a lap of luxury whenever you please? Or, is that too much cash to hand over for this cabover?


You decide!

San Diego, CA Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to mino for the hookup!

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