Florida Mercedes Minivan Chase Ends In Belly Flop

A notably bonkers car chase on the Palmetto Expressway in the Miami-Dade area just ended, with thankfully no injuries to other motorists. One of the suspects was airlifted to the hospital, the victim of what appears to be some police-fired bullets.

The chase reached speeds of 111 MPH, not bad for a minivan, even if it is an R-Class. There's lots of insane weaving in and out of traffic. In one of the videos the anchor refers to the car as "champagne-covered" which, even if we know what he meant, adds a certain touch of class to the whole affair.

Of course, it ends like almost all these chases end, with things going pretty crappy for the chasee, in this case giving the viewers a nice, heavy plop onto the ground after ramming a chain-link fence as preserved in this GIF.


You know what these guys should try when they stop the car? Sewers! I bet shimmying down a manhole and trying to navigate the rat-and-poop-infested sewers could really solve things.

(Hat tip to Timothy!)

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