Flight Delay: Lockheed Constellation Edition

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Pea soup fog at both Burbank and San Francisco airports has provided a few moments to reflect on this ten foot long TWA Lockheed Constellation model suspended above our seat. The plane was designed by Kelly Johnson and served not only as one of the first pressurized commercial airliners, but also under President Eisenhower. The 34th grand poobah had two Constellations to choose from, with one likely used to survey construction of the National System of Interstate and Defense Highways. The Constellation was built right here in Burbank, where we're sitting. Grounded, Johnny!


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If you go to the Air Force Museum in Dayton Ohio, you can tour the inside of Dwight's Connie, the Columbine II, along with Truman's DC-6 Independance, and the original Kennedy Inspired (and Lowey designed) 707 (I forget the military designation right now). Just something to do on a rainy or snowy weekend.