Finally, a Way to Cook With an Air-Cooled Porsche 911

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Air-cooled Porsche 911s: I’m so over them. Sure, they look nice and sound even nicer, but their revoltingly high resale prices and ensuing hoard of bothersome purist fanboys have all but soured the cars for me. At least this one guy found a use for his air-cooled 911 that didn’t involve driving it and then talking over other people about driving it.

Now, cooking with a car isn’t an original idea, but I haven’t yet seen anyone attempt to do it with a 911. Jim Freeman, who made the video, thought the same thing. “I do realize that a Venn Diagram would not show ‘People Who Cook on Cars’ and ‘911 Owners’ as having any matching data points,” he wrote.


So, he tried it.

Two years ago, our own David Tracy tried (and succeeded) with a collection of red meats. Freeman went with salmon. He prepared the herb butter, seasoned the fish, chopped up some vegetables and packaged the whole thing tightly in an aluminum foil package. Then he attached the package to the top of his catalytic converter with some metal ties.

The surface of the catalytic converter apparently could reach temperatures of over 550 degrees and the fish was reported to have cooked to over 145 degrees. After driving around for 13 minutes, Freeman then retrieved the package, unwrapped it and tried the food. It seemed good! It definitely looked good.

I’m glad this video exists. I’m glad there’s culinary value in owning an air-cooled 911. Just don’t eat in the car, folks.

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