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Air-Cooled Porsche 911s Are Over, Man

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The whole point of the evergreen Porsche 911 is that it provides the performance of a rarified exotic car, only at a lower price with more usability and reliability, too. But now here’s an air-cooled 993 GT2 selling for $2.4 million, and what’s even the point anymore?


I will say that this car is extraordinary, an excellent example of what you could argue is the ultimate classic 911. It’s a 993-generation car, the last of the air-cooled models, and it’s a GT2. That means it’s the most powerful, the most stripped-down, the most raw. The widest fenders! The biggest wing! Porsche people love rawness. They love purity. Ooh! Give me air-cooling! Give me rear-wheel drive and rear-engine traction! I want a car to tell me, whisper in my ear, that death lurks around every corner. I want to stand on the gas and tear the pavement and I want to do it cocooned in German leather. I want as good a bad car as I can buy.

So I get why you walk into the room at the fine RM Sotheby’s, past all the Ferraris and Bizzarrinis and Bugattis and Zagatos and everything else that more deeply digs into strangeness and difficulty, only to plop down £1,848,000 (that’s currently $2.4 million USD) on this Porsche. After all, you want as good a bad car can be, not as bad a good car can be.


But don’t ever try to convince me that Porsches sit as the counterculture underdog to the established greats. You’ve smothered them in cash until you could park them next to Lamborghinis without a twinge of rebel superiority. You’re going the way of Hemi Cudas, now.

The whole thing’s over, man.