Father And Daughter Enjoy Lovely Drive That Ends In Them Covered In Liquified Animal Shit

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I’m going to go out on a limb and say this has to be the absolute worst drive ever taken in a Renault Megane convertible that didn’t result in fatalities. A 52-year-old father took his 14-year-old daughter out for a spin in the French drop-top near Munich, and by the end of it their car was completely flooded with liquid animal shit. That’s a non-ideal outcome.

The father and daughter were parked alongside a road about 18 miles northeast of Munich when a farmer in a tractor pulling a trailer of liquid manure drove by.

While driving, the tractor driver swung the trailer in the direction of the parked Renault, which sent the contents pouring right into the open top of the car, resulting in a mishap that’s even worse than the best-known example of a car being filled with manure:

At least Biff’s load of manure was still dry and solid. Liquid manure seems so, so much worse.


Luckily, nobody was injured, though I suspect that for a few moments both occupants of the Renault wished they were dead.

Police are calling the car a write-off.

I think somebody is about to get an amazing deal on a used Renault convertible, with some complementary air fresheners.

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