Exec Claims A Cadillac CT5 Wagon Is Under 'Active Consideration'

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The last time Cadillac did a wagon, it was in 2014 and it had 556 horsepower. That was a long time ago, but the company’s chief engineer has revealed the new Cadillac CT5 may end up with more roof over the trunk, too.


A Cadillac wagon is under active consideration and it’s only because the first one has become so popular, according to an interview with Cadillac’s Brandon Vivian on the Autoline After Hours podcast, via Roadshow:

“So I will tell you, I’ve been looking at that many, many, many times,” Vivian said. “We continue to look for opportunities to make money, and I will continue to do that.”

Vivian made a particular point of calling out that the now-discontinued CTS-V Sport Wagon model still serves as a touchstone for some of the brand’s most hard-core fans.

“So, nothing to announce right now, but certainly, when you see the enthusiasm of our customers, and when I’m out there talking to our customers, to our V-Lab — to our V-Club members — there is an absolute fanaticism around the V wagons, and wagons in general. So because of that, we continue to study a future variant.”

The company knows a wagon wouldn’t exactly sell in volume, but it seems like they may only need to make the case that they’ll make some money on whatever wagon is sold, not necessarily that it has to sell like gangbusters.

Considering a low volume is all but inevitable for something like this, it’s likely Caddy would focus on the performance model, which could either be the normal CT5-V with 355 horsepower, or the hot CT5-V Blackwing with much more power.

It’ll be worth it alone to get rid of the CT5's unfortunately black triangle panel on the C-pillar, at least.

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I would totally buy one in brown. And in “totally buy one” I mean I would never actually buy one, but say I will do so countless times online.

Also.... we get pop up ads now?!