Everything Goes So Very Wrong In This Attempted Truck Rescue

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If any of you are planning a traditional two-crane-truck-in-a-highly-precarious-spot holiday truck rescue with your family, I highly encourage you to watch this little video so you don’t become another holiday truck rescue disaster statistic. Just so we’re all up front here, nothing works out as planned in this video, though it doesn’t appear anyone was seriously hurt, somehow.

Here it is, in all its non-glory:


The poster of the video doesn’t give much information about where this was shot, though it looks to be a precarious mountain road not unlike the famously terrifying Yungas Road in Bolivia. It looks more arid, though?

Any situation requiring two coordinated cranes on an area that limited has to be extraordinarily difficult, and the physics is likely more complex than you’d initially think.

I know it’s surprising, but despite what it says on my LinkedIn profile, I’m not an expert on large-scale crane rescue, though it seems many commenters on the video certainly are, which is reassuring.

(via our pals at Boing Boing)

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