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Watch a Crane Truck Driver Forget The Crane Was Up And Trash Everything

If you drive a truck with a gigantic, extendible crane on top, that’s pretty much the whole raison d’être of the vehicle, and, if you’re driving the truck, your job. So, you’d think knowing if that gigantic crane was up or down would be a pretty major part of your job as a crane truck driver. You’d think. This driver in Wilmington, North Carolina seems to disagree.


Here, watch some destruction:

Yikes. It is sort of amazing to watch that crane pluck those power lines like some sort of colossal ukulele, and seeing it slide those stoplights off their supporting beam is weirdly compelling.


How do you not notice any of this happening? How does the whole balance of the truck not feel off when the arm is raised and you’re driving? How do you not hear or feel pulling down those power lines before running into the stop light pole? I’m so confused.

One car was damaged from the falling debris, and, of course, there’s a crapload of infrastructure damage to repair there. The driver of the truck was charged with failure to secure a load.

So, to all the truck crane drivers out there: do you know where your gigantic arm is? Also, that little electrical explosion at the end of the video is just the right touch.

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Failure to secure a load? Odd, that’s how I wound up with twins.