Escape to Shangri-La with the most popular getaway machines of 1973

In this vintage video Car and Track host Bud Lindemann dishes the dirt on two examples of what motor home industry had to offer in 1973. Watch these "leave-it-all behind machines" as they are put through the motor home version of Car and Track's rigorous road test.


You might think from the "Found on Youtube" vintage Car and Track road tests we've shown over the past few months all Car and Track tested were supercars and malaise machines, but you would be wrong. True to the era, Car and Track liked to get weird every once in a while. Instead of testing a car or a truck, watch as Car and Track tests out two offerings from the fast expanding motor home industry, circa 1973.

Although Car and Track aren't able to do any four wheel drifting in these motor homes, they do manage to put the motor homes to do some performance testing. As Lindemann points out, these motor homes have "all the aerodynamics of a brick because creature comforts take priority". This thought process produces some pretty amusing and slightly terrifying results when it comes time to do some handling and braking tests.

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Detestable backroad plugging lumbering devices. Plus needs moar Winnebago Man - warning he's not safe for work or prudish ears!