Nic Cage didn't earn his reputation as "America's sweetheart" for no reason. No sir. The man acted in National Treasure, Gone In 60 Seconds, Ghost Rider, and many other high caliber films. But now he takes on his greatest acting challenge: An ad for the BAIC Senova D-Series. And he nails it!

The ad is set on a race track in China. Cage, sans helmet, is on track when a character catches up to him from behind. That's when Cage's Gone In 60 Seconds instincts kick in.

A number of synchronized stunts, random gear shifts, non-matching engine soundtracks, spins, two wheel action, and smiling older women populate the minute and a half masterpiece. So many random things are wrong with the driving action that The Smoking Tire has broken them all down.

It appears Cage is running for his life, but at the end he's welcomed into a friendly family environment where it appears he might be getting dinner? Or perhaps it was a transition to another Chinese ad that he was filming about family time.


We just don't know.

How's the acting? As you expect out of Nic Cage, it's superb. Ebert would give this three thumbs up. The looks, the driving, the action, the weird, twist ending. It has it all!


One thing is clear: Nic Cage sure could use some money. Someone please go buy a Senova D-Series.