Electric Peugeots Trying To Edge Out London Taxis

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At the upcoming British International Motor Show, an electric competitor to the familiar old London Cab will be launched. Based on the Peugeot MPV, the Allied Vehicles E7 is designed for cabbies considering cutting costs. Despite its lithium-ion batteries, range is still limited to 100 miles, which we're guessing is somewhat less if you're cruising around all day at the 60 MPH top speed.

The E7 is said to cost the equivalent of just over $79,000. That's a lot compared to the electric NICE Ze-O at $28,000, or even the $70,000 or so a traditional TX4 taxi will set you back. Especially when you can get a Chinese-built Geely TX4 for even less. But then, maybe the E7 is worth it to cab drivers looking to cut down on emissions and maintenance costs. [TheAutoChannel]

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Van Sarockin, rogue trebuchet

I'm not crazy enough to let you drag me there. Get me decapitated on Space Mountain or something. Besides you can't get their wheezy little go-karts to jump the rail that keeps them in lane. I've tried and it canna be done. You wind up pushing a line of the karts ahead of you around. Boring.

I'm not Pug fanboy. But I had a friend who drove nothing else for decades. In her town there was a skilled Peugeot mechanic that everyone used, and those cars ran forever. I think they do OK in France too. And the middle of the Sahara.

Like a lot of things, I think you probably have to meet the equipment on its own terms, keep it serviced, and not expect it to be something it isn't.