NICE Ze-O: Production Electric Car For $28,000, Ugly For Free

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The NICE Ze-O is yet another all-electric vehicle set to be unveiled at this month's British International Motor Show. The only difference here is the Chinese-built bucket of ugly will be leapfrogging the likes of Nissan and GM, and going on sale in autumn to the Brits at a whopping $28,000. NICE is an acronym for "No Internal Combustion Engine," but it's a bit of a misnomer considering the looks. With a range of only 65 miles and top speed of just 55 MPH, the Ze-O is kind of a bitter pill to swallow, especially considering we don't even know how much power that blender motor has. [Paultan]


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With a 65 mile range and a top speed of 55, the Ze-0 matched the performance of the a home converted electric Chevy Citation, but without the style or safety.

Actually, it's kind of cute, in a "don't get near me - fear for my life" sort of way.