Dyson Developing Electric Car, Will Probably Suck

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James Dyson, the man behind the Dyson line of high-end vacuums, is diving into the world of alternative energy vehicles with the development of a solar-powered car. Employing roof-mounted solar panels, or, alternately, panels mounted on the roof of a garage, the motor on the solar-powered vehicle will take its nod from Dyson's successful line of vacuum cleaners. When asked why he's embarking on the new venture, Dyson reportedly said, with some indignation, that he just thinks electric cars should work properly.


Dyson is hoping to partner with big-name carmakers like Honda on the project, but there's no word yet on who will be responsible for styling. We're sure there are some quarters in which a purple-and-yellow plastic car would be considered a positive design statement. [Dailymail]

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@Gearhead_42: actually, have you used his new hand dryer? ya know, the "germ free" warm air blower that supposedly squeegees the water off your hands like magic?

no better than the old white enamel box on the McDonalds wall type. ran through it three or four times, thinking there was a trick i just wasn't hip enough to know (kinda like the first time you played with an Ipod and didn't know where the volume was?) - but no, it just doesn't work that well. three papertowels later, all's well.