If you’re going to go big you may as well make as much of a show out of it as you can—a lesson one dumb 21-year-old from Macomb Township near Detroit, Michigan failed to grasp after stealing an ambulance from a hospital.


Eric Preston, the dumb former-teen in question, stole an ambulance that was parked at a local hospital while the paramedics were dropping off a patient, according to The Detroit News. Preston was not a patient at the hospital, according to police, and it’s not clear why exactly he decided to bail so dramatically.

But not dramatically enough! As the chase video released by the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office shows, the guy didn’t even flip on all the lights and sirens. What is the point of a high-stakes police chase in an ambulance if you don’t use the tools at your disposal to their full potential? What a loser!

Note: text was edited to clarify that Macomb Township is not in Detroit, but instead just near it. Justice.

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