Getting put under for having your wisdom teeth out does some funky things to you. Enter Annie, who believes she's a NASCAR driver with "tattoos on her hands" who "just won the World Series of being the fastest NASCAR driver."

I know when I had my wisdom teeth out, I went a little nuts. It's a goofy time and you don't know what's going on. But I do know that I didn't believe I was a NASCAR driver. The line of questioning from her mother, who is wonderful, keeps the line of questioning about what just happened going.


She thinks her mouth problems are the result of a bad NASCAR accident. When her mom tells her that she isn't a NASCAR driver, Annie starts to break down. So her mom tells her she is a NASCAR driver and they can go get some ice cream.

Annie also wants "a new NASCAR." Sure you do Annie. Sure you do.

Hat Tip to @jeffgluck!