Driving A Honda Civic At 114 MPH, You Don't Expect This To Happen

But it certainly can happen. Rarely, for sure, but it can.

I don't know who put what in this Polish Trabant 601 1.1 wagon, but I'm pretty sure Matt Farah would approve.


Duroplast is almost like today's carbon fiber composites, so a cheap and lightweight Trabant might look like the perfect base for a nice tuner car. On the second day though, you will realize that in order for a Trabant to do 115+ mph, quite a lot of German re-engineering is needed.

That's why it amazes me how stock this baby looks. Well done unknown Polish crazy person!

Long live fast Trabant wagons!


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Andrew P. Collins

I LOL'ed on the potty because of this post. Thanks Mate.