Dream Ryder Haunts Your Sleep and Your Rearview Mirror

It's not unusual at a car show to come across a custom-built machine that represents an expression of the creator's zeitgeist, and speaks to his passion and joy. Or sometimes they look like the Dream Ryder.

Based on an '84 Camaro convertible, - which is barely recognizable under the hand-laid charcoal and silver fiberglass - the Dream Ryder expresses its owner's whimsy and possibly his desire that Batman were a little more flamboyant in his accessorizing.


From the viper-fang grill, to the zebra and cheetah interior, and anal cleft trunk lid, it does not convey the image of design by committee. With a claimed 13 years in the creation, we're sure the builder had plenty of time to contemplate his work, although it doesn't appear that much second guessing was put into the creation.


Regardless of motive, it is unique and individualistic, however the creator does claim to have kept all the molds, so your dream ryde could potentially come true as well.


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