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Drake released a new album titled “Views” last month, but Spotify only managed to pick it up this week. I just got around to listening to it, noticing a lyric in the first song on the album reveals some beef between the rapper and Chrysler.


Saturday Night Live ran a surprisingly funny skit the other night featuring Drake, uh, catching? beef with some of the SNL cast over stuff like ignoring him in the hall and throwing away his water bottle. Turns out he has beef with Chrysler too, calling the automaker out for designing the Chrysler 300 to obviously copy Bentley’s design language.

The lyric comes up right around the 1:15 mark:

“Always saw you for what you could’ve been / ever since you met me / like when Chrysler made that one car that looked just like the Bentley”


Evidently this dig was picked up a lot faster than me by Power 106 FM and Chrysler themselves, tweeting:

Nothing like free marketing in one of the most anticipated albums of the year!

If you have anymore hilarious automotive beefs, share them.

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