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According to BrandWeek, the 'merican side of the German-American hybrid wants more women to grasp the softer side of the Dodge brand. As part of that effort the horny brand will shorten its ad slogan from "Grab life by the horns" to the more โ€” err โ€” lame "Grab life" for a campaign we'll start seeing next month. Considering males constitute 53% of the brand's buyers and Dodge's next big introduction will be a muscle car, one would think they'd want to stick with the guys. Whatevs. This is the same company that greenlighted the Jeep Compass to entice female buyers, so what the hell do we know, right? We're just hoping they keep the "RamRash" ads.

Dodge Shortens Slogan in Reach for Women [BrandWeek]

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