We were pulled over on the side of a desert road somewhere out in Utah, I think. My dad had just been stopped for doing 90 on this four-lane highway. The cop was walking over and my dad says, "those flowers outside are beautiful."

I learned there's always something to appreciate, no matter how low the circumstances or how dull your surroundings.

Now, we were on vacation and we were in the right frame of mind to notice a little patch of yellow flowers just past the edge of the pavement.

Is this kind of reflection possible on a daily commute? You're tired, you're running late, and you're on one of America's endless stretches of anonymous highways. There's really not a lot to see, and there's even less to do in your car. Experiencing the sharp handling of your tuned WRX is a challenge when you're inching forward in LA traffic.


Mikeado would rather give up on the whole thing when he heard that Nissan wants to do away with steering wheels, about as direct a connection to a car as you can have.

Why don't you just sedate me and send me to work in an autonomous pod already? Ugh...


So is there anything you'd miss about driving to work? Do you think we should just give up on commuting altogether for some Futurama-style transport tubes?

Photo Credit: Raphael Orlove