DJ Khaled Confirms The Ford EcoSport Is Coming To America

Photo Credit: Ford, Getty Images (DJ Khaled)
Photo Credit: Ford, Getty Images (DJ Khaled)
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The Ford EcoSport is a cool little soft roader (does anybody say that any more?) based on the Ford Fiesta. Outside of the U.S., it has been a major key for Ford competing against other compact crossovers like the Jeep Renegade and the Honda HR-V and now, finally, it’s coming over here.

This comes as little surprise to me individually, or to anyone else who has been around Ford’s headquarters in Dearborn recently. There have been tons of these things around HQ in various states of testing. We all knew something was up.


But now it’s official, from no other source than the beacon of positivity and oversharing DJ Khaled.

He posted on Snapchat that he would personally unveil the EcoSport at next week’s Los Angeles Auto Show, as Automotive News reports. A Ford spokesperson also verified that this is all happening, but gave no details as to when.

I, for one, am excited.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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“EcoSport” sounds like Ford just took two marketing words and spliced them together. Looking forward to their new models:

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New minivan: Ford ComfortSpace

New mid-size SUV: Ford RuggedMAX

New sportscar: Ford ZoomFast