Is America Going To Get The Ford EcoSport?

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Boy, there sure are a lot of Ford EcoSports at Ford’s headquarters here in the United States.


The EcoSport, for those of you who do not avidly follow the Indian and Brazilian car markets, is a little crossover/SUV/hatchback thing that Ford has been selling in lower-wage parts of the world since 2013. It’s cute, it’s based on the Ford Fiesta, and it’s not legalized for sale in the United States.

But the US car market is crossover crazy right now, and there certainly seems like there’d be room on dealerships lots for an attractive little car in the mold of the Jeep Renegade or Honda HR-V.

More to the point, Ford certainly seems like it’s involved in the midst of a legalization effort for the EcoSport. Tons of them have been testing around Ford’s Dearborn headquarters. There are full cars testing on the road, and there are crashed cars in various states around the company’s parking lots.


Spy photographer Brian Williams has been seeing these EcoSports around on the regular.


Again, I’m not saying that the EcoSport is definitely coming Stateside. Poor sales in Europe recently may have dampened some of the company’s enthusiasm for the EcoSport, but it certainly looks Ford is up to something.


Top Photo Credits: Ford

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