Did Kobe Bryant Over-Pay For His $329,000 Ferrari?

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Kobe Bryant just bought a new Ferrari 458 Italia, laying down a $329,000 check for the Italian exotic. The 458 Italia's MSRP is $229,825. Did Kobe get ripped off or is a $100,000 markup standard?

An MSRP is the "manufacturer's suggested retail price," and, while it means a lot to those of us buying Subarus, it means nothing when it comes to buying an exotic car. Between the insane options (like the $7,038 carbon fiber luggage compartment) and expected dealer markup, it's an easy $40-$60,000 on top of any Ferrari you're buying. This gets more extreme for high-demand models like the 458 which is built in (relatively) limited quantities.


Checking eBay's listings shows low-mileage 2012 458 Italias ranging somewhere between $310,000 and $350,000.

Given he reportedly paid just $100,000 over the base sticker price it seems like Kobe actually ended up somewhere near market price for his Ferrari, depending on the options, but in light of losing half his assets in his recent divorce, maybe he should have saved some money and bought a used 2010 model.

And Kobe has nothing on Eric Clapton, who reportedly spent $4.7 million for his custom Ferrari 458 Italia. We prefer the budget-conscious approach of Lakers teammate Andrew Bynum, who buys relatively cheaper cars and modifies them, like his 200 MPH BMW M6 and Wald Nissan GT-R.


The lesson here? Paying over MSRP for a Toyota Camry is bad. Only paying a $100K markup on a Ferrari 458 Italia is pretty fair.


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Matt Brown

I'm starting to see a trend in Jalopnik articles that goes something like

Headline: Did (some bold claim) ?

Story: ("no", stretched to 250 words)