Detroit Auto Show: These are Tomorrow's Cars Today

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Awesome three-door Korean hot hatches, neon-green electric supercars and a sexy hybrid with turbo boost. Fanciful future concepts? Nope. They're reality at this year's Detroit Auto Show. Here's everything important you missed.


The Hottest Hybrid Ever

The Porsche 918 RSR, a mid-engined, V8-powered racing Porsche with two electric motors producing a combined 767 hp. It looks too beautiful to be real.[More]


And It Has Turbo Boost

The Porsche 918 RSR's not just gorgeous, it has a ridiculous giant flywheel turbo boost system. Mike Spinelli explains how it works. [More]

The Year Americans Come Back

The Japanese domination of the future of the automobile is over, with the American and Korean automakers entering the show capturing all the buzz while the Japanese capture all the whimpers. [More]


The Fast Little BMW

BMW's smallest car finally gets close to the power it deserves with a 340-hp version in Inferno orange. Catch it from every angle. [More]


The Actor Ed Begley, Jr. Slams The Leaf And Volt

Ed Begley, Jr. slapped on a pair of excited eyebrows and helped Ford debut its fleet of electric, hybrid, and EcoBoosted cars — by making fun of the Leaf and Volt. Then he released paper butterflies from the sky. They got EVERYWHERE. [More]


The Small MPV That Seats Seven

Learn about the Ford C-Max European MPV that has room for five people and two amputees. It's coming to America and it's bringing the EcoBoost 1.4-liter four-cylinder engine with it. [More]


The Honda CRX That Hyundai Built

The specs: 2,500 pounds, 138 horsepower, 6-speed transmission, 40 mpg, starts around $17K, three doors and one hatch. The Veloster's everything we hoped the Japanese would build again and one of the stars of the show. [More]


The "Kick Butt" Five-Door Hatchback Hyundai Built

When Hyundai America CEO John Krafcik sat down to talk with Jalopnik commenters as part of our "Ask Me Anything" series he decided to break a little exclusive news: the new Accent's getting a five-door hatch for the U.S. It's cool, but we'd rather have the Veloster. [More]


The Bigger, Cheaper New Passat

The neue Passat dropped $7,000 and added a crap ton of room for us portly Americans as Volkswagen continues to beige-ify their entire lineup. The new Passat looks like the "best" beige possible — but we mean it ironically. [More]


How VW Made The Passat Cheaper

Who needs fancy, well-engineered hood struts when you can have a tiny piece of metal? It's not like Volkswagen owners can see their engine under the Tennessee acre-sized plastic covering. [More]


The Big Prius And The Little Prius

Great News! Toyota launched two know Prii at the show: the slightly larger Prius V MPV and the slightly smaller Prius C subcompact. Moving... [More]


The Subtle Audi A6 And A6 Hybrid

The new A6 is nothing if not understated and the Audi A6 Hybrid even more so, eschewing the typical "HI, I'M GREEN" graphics. [More]


The Forgettable Honda Civic Concept

These two concepts preview the 2012 Honda Civic, which marks the car's ninth generation. It's an incredible success story, so it's unfortunate the cars are so boring I can barely even finishing typing thi... [More]


The Cadillac CTS-V Coupe Race Car

The Cadillac CTS-V Coupe is hot. So hot security tried to keep us away from the racing version of it.[More]


The Mini Crossover We Might Like

The Mini Pacemen is a shiny metal quandary. We don't like the bastardization of the Mini brand, but a 211 hp AWD coupe with a six-speed manual's kind of cool. [More]


The Kia That "Embraces The Box"

The Kia KV7 is a box with gullwing doors and an overall wagonish feel. Not sure what market this is supposed to reach, but it's not unattractive.[More]


The Tennis-ball Green AMG E-Cell

Mercedes is planning to produce the SLS AMG E-Cell electric supercar, hopefully in this crazy psychedelic color. [More]


The Chrysler 300 Worthy Of Renting

Not quite damning with feint praise, Spinelli explains why he'd rent "the original chunkmobile" in its current state. [More]


The Jeep Behind The Woman

The Call of Duty Black Ops Jeep is ready to frag anyone who dares question paying $3K for black wheels, taillight guards, and a few badges. [More]


The Recreation Of One Of Our Best Moments

In 2008, Hardigree was given a ride around the Detroit Auto Show (well, through the Detroit Auto Show) with China's richest man. Three years later we recreate that drive. [More]


The Designer's View Of The Show

Ex-Ford design boss and current Volvo design head honcho takes us for a tour around the show to give a designer's view of Acura's awful snouts. [More]


The Booth Professionals Of Detroit

They're tall, they're gorgeous, and they consented to our photographer Moe Martinez getting shots of them. He was a proper gentleman, we promise. [More]

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