Hyundai US CEO Confirms Five-Door Accent To "Kick Fiesta's Butt"

Hyundai CEO John Krafcik faced Jalopnik readers today and took the opportunity to announce big news for the North American market: the five-door version of the much-improved new Accent's coming to the United States and "it'll kick the Fiesta's butt."

In our Ask Me Anything segment — where we push automotive execs onto Jalopnik's passionate readers — reader fhrblig asked:

Since the number of offerings in the subcompact market have 5-doors now (Fiesta, Chevy Sonic, Yaris etc.), is Hyundai working on a 5-door Accent?


And the reply?

For you fhrblig, we will officially announce right now a 5-door Accent is coming. By the way, it will kick the Fiesta's butt.

Awesome. You heard it hear first, in our comments, where newsmakers come to make news and talk about hooning.

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