Kia KV7: That's A Van, Baby!

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Kia's U.S. designers say in place of just another minivan concept, they decided to "embrace the box." The result is the KV7, featuring a gullwing passenger door and wagon-like lines. Don't squeeze that box too firmly.

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Powered by a 285-hp turbo-four, with wi-fi built in, Kia says this isn't a minivan for your typical suburban family. Rather, it's for a new group Kia calls "Ringleaders:"

Rather than using a van to transport children and their accompaniments, Ringleaders are busy organizing road trips, social outings and new adventures for themselves and their friends to experience together.


This group of people already has a name, and it's "swingers."

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Fred Smith

just another concept car. funky headlamp and tail light styling, unconventional doors, a ridiculous digital dashboard, oversized wheels, strange seat materials and an unconventional seating arrangement.

I didn't care for these "cutting edge" things in 2004 and I don't care for them now, but this is still slightly better than most.