Up Close With The Call Of Duty Black Ops Jeep

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The Call Of Duty Black Ops Jeep's the first car to successfully launch with a video game since the unpopular TECMO Bowl Chevy Corsica. You've seen staged photos, but here's one in real life stacked with every option Jeep has.


An upgrade on the classic off-road runner, the Black Ops Jeep is the ultimate accessory for some Call of Duty cosplay. Available in Unlimited (four-door) or two-door variety, like the original Model T it only comes in black. Unlike the Model T, the Ops Jeep has massive 32-inch off-road tires and taillamp guards. It also has a few COD logos in case you forget why this black-on-black Jeep exists.

The model shown here definitely costs more than the base $30,625 as it features giant front bumper complete with a power winch and an optional snorkel perfect for fording small Havana creeks. The doors are also fitted with military-style cargo racks. It's not stock, but it's something you can create with the right trip through the jeep catalog.

All-in-all it's the perfect choice for assassinating any pesky Latin American leaders.


A lot of good that snorkel is going to do when the intake hose is disconnected from the airbox.