Illustration for article titled Detroit Auto Show: Scan Of Facelifted RX-8 Leaks Onto The Web

We have a scan of the a facelifted RX-8 for those tempted to give in and buy a new RX-8 before the next generation RX-9 is available for purchase. The rotorheads over at managed to pick up this Japanese mag story of the Mazda RX-8 RS, which will bow at the Tokyo Auto Salon and include those fierce looking wheels, Recaro seats (as pictured), spoiler and new rear suspension.


We'll get to see the slightly upgraded RX-8, probably sans some of those goodies, at the upcoming Detroit Auto Show. If it maintains this look it'll definitely be what most consider a mild refresh, with most of the enhancements in the usual places (bumpers, lamps, et cetera). [MazdaMadness via World Car Fans]

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