The Honda Prelude has been one of the real heartbreakers of LeMons racing— plenty of power, great handling... and a head gasket that might as well be cut out from cereal-box cardboard. Today, however, a Prelude leads!

Did I mention that the leading Prelude belongs to Eyesore Racing, aka the New York Yankees of 24 Hours of LeMons racing? Let's take a look at the top five after Saturday's long, sweaty race session:

1. Eyesore Racing II, Honda Prelude. Some of you might remember this car as the former Blanco Basura Prelude, and those with really good memories will recall that it finished second overall at last-year's Goin' For Broken LeMons at Reno-Fernley. By the way, the Eyesore Miata lurks in 6th place, a mere four laps behind the leader.


2. Off Consistantly, Nissan 300ZX. We've seen Nissan Zs do pretty well for an entire day in the past, but can the spelling-challenged Off Consistantly team keep that fragile machine together all day Sunday? If so, they'll have a real chance of being the first Z to take a LeMons win on laps.

3., BMW E30. The POSRacing BMW has been a perennial top-10 finisher and frequent race leader this season, and just two laps separate it from the leader right now.


4. B-Team—Kill Phil, BMW E30. Here's another E30 that's seen plenty of high-ranking LeMons finishes. How many laps does this team need to gain to take the lead? A mere three!


5. Beyond Petroleum, BMW 533i. A BMW E28 won one of the early Altamont races, so there's a precedent for a 5 Series overall winner.