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Dallas Taxi Game Is New School Of Hard Knocks

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We've just received a note from a former U.S. Marine-turned-taxi-driver regarding the extent of his "professional services." Full email below the jump.

Just a friendly reminder. When in Dallas Texas please consider James Taylor as your Driver . I am a Professional Driver, my Taxi is always clean and equipped with the latest GPS allowing us to arrive safely and on time . Complimentary Refreshments are always provided and any special request for my clients is never a problem. I am a former United States Marine with security skills. Just e-mail and I will forward you the city rates and pickup information for your arrival. My Cab is with Cowboy Cab and my City of Dallas Permit Number is 32425. Regards, James Taylor , Professional Driver.


We didn't know the Dallas taxi game was so difficult that to be a successful driver one must send out press releases for their services. Using "the latest GPS," we've got every confidence that James Taylor will never let you down and/or run you around. Well, I guess running you around is his job and everything, so he'll probably do that. Word of warning: If James shows up sporting a mohawk and spring-loaded guns, don't ask to go to a brothel.

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In these hard economic times it is impressive to see someone marketing themselves in a cost efficient manner. Compared to the average cabbie I have encountered at DFW, his ability to communicate in complete sentences puts him far above and beyond the average hack. For those who fear he may be armed, as long as he gets a permit (requires safety training) he can carry a concealed gun. If your business model involves work in the shadows, his security background could come in handy. Having his own GPS would mean no arguing about the shortest route to your destination as opposed to the circuitous routes offered by most of the drivers.

The taxi game at the airport means your cabbie can wait in queue for HOURS to get a single fare to BFE. It's a great fare on the way out. By the time you return and then queue up again, you may only get two or three fares for a whole shift. In Dallas, driving a cab is a hard way to make a living.