The folks over at F&R used car sales seem like some classy individuals. First they harassed a pizza delivery guy over a $7 tip. Now the owner and an employee are facing charges for threats and intimidation after they allegedly told a female customer that they would "punch her in the face," if she came to the dealership.


According to, a Westport woman told police she purchased a car from F&R, which failed to pass a safety inspection. When she contacted them about it, employees allegedly chastised her verbally, used profanities, made a sexual comment and threatened assault her if she showed up in person.

Police investigated the incident and charged owner Francis R. Correiro and employee Mark Dambrosca, with threats to do bodily harm and intimidation of a witness. According to Westport Police Department, they have received 26 complaints about F&R in the past year. The Attorney General's office says that customers have made 38 complaints since 2009.

Here's a sampling:

"allegations of store employees forging car documents, numerous calls of angry customers, employees refusing to fix alleged broken vehicles, arguments between employees, irate former employees, argument between employees taking place in front of customers, employees allegedly harassing a father and his kids over a car being returned, customers afraid to return after being allegedly harassed by employees, and employees threatening customers."


I think it is safe to say that F&R might be the absolute worst place to buy a car in Massachusetts. Perhaps they should change their name to Masshole Auto Sales.

(H/T to Alex)

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