Internet Gets Back At Car Dealer Jerks Who Were Awful To Pizza Guy

You know how some people just sort of, well, suck? On a deep-down, fundamental level? And this basic, ingrained suckitude makes them treat people like crap, needlessly? Well, a group of those people work at a car dealership, and were dicks to a pizza delivery guy. But this time the dickery boomeranged back and bit them on the ass.


Here's what happened: the coven of dipshits who collectively sell cars as the F&R Auto Sales dealership in Westport, MA ordered some pizzas and soda. The total came to 43 bucks. When the pizza guy showed up, they handed him two 20 dollar bills and two 5 dollar bills. Those of you with advanced math degrees will realize that the two 20s and one five equal $45, which has $43 dollars in it, with $2 to spare. That means there was no need to give the extra $5, unless it was intended to be given as a tip, not an uncommon practice among pizza-purchasing humans.

Based on what was retold and accepted in the above video, the delivery person informed the amount he received, and explained the breakdown of the bill, so he could be sure the unneeded $5 wasn't a mistake. Having reasonable assurance it was okay, he left.

Here's where it gets good, or, more accurately, bad. The dealership called Palace Pizza back, and told them the driver had left with their change — a life-changing $7. The driver returns to the dealership, where he pretty rationally explains what he thought happened, and gets berated by the assembled staff, who threatens to call the manager again for another apology, insisting that the extra $5 he was given was expected to just be handed right back, in a beautiful symbolic and meaningless gesture of the glory of commerce.

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Things get stupidly heated, an employee threatens to put her foot up the delivery person's ass (an act that would not only make no one happy, but the guy was already out the door), and the jackasses then start yelling about taking the guy's job. Just watch the video there.

Even better, the Penis Politburo here decides that they came off so well, so cool, in that little exchange that they put the surveillance camera video on YouTube under the title "irate pizza driver" so the whole world knows how cool they are, collecting that awesome $1.40 per jackass from the confused driver.


After the video went up, the internet once again proved itself as a giant, invisible superhero dedicated to making assholes' lives suck just a bit more. A Reddit thread brought the inane exchange to a huge number of people, who proceeded to flood the dealership's phones, slow their website to a crawl, and completely trashed their ratings on Yelp and Google.

Yesterday, the owner of the dealership and his son went in person to apologize to Palace Pizza, but the damage has already been done. The world knows that dealership houses an awful pack of assholes, even if those assholes are now, collectively, $7 richer.


Not that I'm an angel but there is one rule I always follow and that is NEVER be rude or mean to people who are providing you a service. Bar tenders, waiters, delivery boys, etc. Their job sucks. They don't need you being a dick to them on top of it. Even when a waitress/waiter messes up I do my best to not make an issue of it because chances are it's not even their fault.