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Considering vintage Cadillacs are rarely the first choice for a hot rod platform, it's hard to believe this is the second old Caddy sedan we've seen with a Cummins diesel where it's factory V8 once was. While the other diesel Cadillac sedan we saw was a SEMA show car, this 1960 Cadillac currently listed on Ebay is pure ratty hot rod.


Although Cadillac purists likely ask why you would ever want to put a loud and smelly truck engine in a 1960 Cadillac, we can only celebrate the kind of thinking that leads to creations like these. What better way to make your not quite perfect finned Cadillac stand out from a crowd than installing a 5.9 liter Cummins diesel where a 390 V8 once lived? That's what sits beneath the hood of this black beast and it's attached to a five speed manual transmission.


From the flat exterior paint to the smoke that comes pouring out of the fender dump exhaust it would appear that this Cadillac could be, in the words of fictional rock star Nigel Tufnel "none more black". Several other factors including the after dark photo shoot used for this car, the lack of hubcaps and the turbo sitting high atop the engine (it's since been modified to fit under a hood) only accentuate this Cadillac's already sinister appearance.

Currently bidding on this Black Caddy is at $7600 with about a day and a half left to go. The owner has listed an unofficial buy-it-now price of $13,900. It is a little pricier than a comparable 1960 non diesel and from the looks of it needs a little more work than the owner lets on. Still, to us it seems like a pretty fair price for a badass bastardized finned Cadillac with a diesel heart.


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