COTD: What Would A Political Rally Look Like?

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Today we saw how the NASCAR Hall of Fame served as a meeting place for a Planned Parenthood rally. What if it was a different kind of rally?


For Sweden asked for clarification and our own Travis O. was quick with a reply.

Planned Parenthood Is Holding A Rally Outside The NASCAR Hall Of Fame
How many stages are in this rally? When is the first gravel stage? Will Joe Biden be a driver or a co-driver? We need more information Travis.


Travis dutifully replied.

It's a 3 day rally, almost all tarmac. Armin Schwarz somehow won the first special stage in a 2001 Skoda Octavia WRC. There is only one gravel stage, and it's at Dale Jr.'s house/driveway car graveyard. Think that's on Thursday.

Joe Biden was competing, but his Firebird was disqualified after the first stage because they found empty Coors Light tall boys in the passenger seat... and because he wasn't an official entrant.

We're not sure Travis has all of his facts right. What do you think a political stage rally would look like?

Photo Credit: Kyn Chung, Planned Parenthood

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Is this the first time a Jalopnik staff member has been awarded (or co-awarded, these days) COTD?

Well deserved, either way. I lost it at "Coors Light tall boys".