Planned Parenthood Is Holding A Rally Outside The NASCAR Hall Of Fame

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Now that last week's Republican National Convention is over, it's time for the Democrats to take center stage and nominate President Obama — or an ultra top secret "Mystery Candidate X" — for the presidency.

Their convention is in Charlotte, NC, the home of NASCAR. Planned Parenthood is also there, and currently holding their "Yes We Plan" rally, which isn't an actual off road race, outside the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

The Convention is taking place at the Time Warner Cable Arena, which is just around the corner from the NASCAR Hall of Fame. But before the convention proper kicks off, it seems a lot of activity is occurring in the quad outside of NASCAR's newest building, like this rally and TV setups.


It sounds like "Yes We Plan" is a peaceful rally, with pro-choice speakers getting ready for the start of festivities tonight. But make no mistake, the location was probably carefully chosen. We think this is (obviously) pointed straight at NASCAR fans, who typically lean a bit on the conservative side.

Photo Credit: @irincarmon