COTD: The Car Show Wasn’t Entirely Terrible Edition

Sure getting trapped in a room with Adam Carolla is my personal hell, but The Car Show wasn't all bad. Here are the guys teaching some ladies how to drive stick on a Viper ACR.


If you ignore Mr. Carolla's incessant diatribes, the segment's pretty good. The ladies prove that you don't have to be driving a total beater to learn how to drive a manual.

Many of us doubted that anyone could or should learn to use three pedals on a 612 horsepower Ferrari this morning. It's the wise decision. Jack McCauley gave one noteworthy rebuttal, however.


I taught my niece to drive stick in my Porsche Cayman S. I don't regret it for a minute. Maybe it cost me a few thousand miles off my clutch. She ended up with a story she'll tell forever. She'll appreciate cars forever. It's hard to put a dollar figure on that. I wouldn't have given her the car as a first car even if she was my kid — too much car for too little skill and proper maintenance is its own learning experience — but teaching? Absolutely. I'm looking forward to the day my nephew gets his learner permit.

If you can share some of your passion with a kid, even if it means sacrificing a couple years off the life of your clutch, consider it a worthwhile sacrifice.

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Congratulations, Mr. Jack McCauley, on COTD today! My award to you is a beautiful Porsche which this lovely net-clad lady will deliver to you soon. Have a nice weekend!