We like the ZL1, but there is one thing that makes it one of the worst cars ever made. It's a good thing it points to where car design is going.


The car is designed like a pillbox. The a-pillars are huge, the shoulder line is tall, and the window is chopped-top low. While we were talking about how the new rear-windowless Audi will have an electric rearview, we got a glimpse of what this implies about the future from "I'd walk for my machine" takes on a whole new meaning at $4 a gallon. It will be one where the Camaro looks like the Quasar Unipower.

Honestly, I think it is a step towards a future with safer cars that have no glass at all, or extremely limited glass. Basically you'll sit in a steel coffin with lots of cameras reading out the outside world.

The car will drive itself while the driver updates his/her tweets, sips on 'Brawndo' because its got 'lectrolytes, and occasionally they'll decide to pleasure themselves while on a longer than average commute.

Do you look forward to this potential future?

Photo Credit: Stefan Sager

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