Confirmed: The Formula One Miami Grand Prix Is Happening In 2022

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It’s here. It’s actually happening. Formula One will be contesting the Miami Grand Prix from 2022 onward. And somehow, hell has not frozen over, nor do I see any pigs flying.


The Powers That Be signed the 10-year contract into existence before the Emilia Romanga Grand Prix kicked off. Yes. The GP that didn’t look like it would ever come to fruition is going to be a calendar staple for a decade.

The 19-corner track will take place around the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens. Fans have been a little skeptical about the prospect; street races can either be boring or fully chaotic, depending on the situation. If the track isn’t particularly wide, you’ll often end up with a procession of cars. If there’s a hint of overtaking, you might end up with a fair amount of crashes.

Someone compared it to “Baku with celebrities,” and that... sounds about accurate.

For any fans wondering what’s going to happen to the United States Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas—it’s still up in the air. The race doesn’t have a contract past 2021, so we could very well lose that race. That being said, though, F1 officials have been talking about the fact that the races at COTA and Miami would, in theory, be separated by a few months in order to maximize the fanbase that could come to both. It sounds like COTA would stay in its October/November slot, while Miami would take place earlier in the year.

And while there’s no guarantee that no further issues will pop up surrounding the Grand Prix, I’d like to take a moment to remember our fondest coverage moments regarding the development of this race:

  • F1 thought about dropping Baku in favor of Miami
  • Then the proposed track layout looked like an absolute disaster
  • Miami decided it would start hosting races as soon as 2021
  • Then, of course, it got postponed for a year
  • Then, local businesses and residents grew very upset at the whole prospect of loud cars going fast down their closed-off streets
  • Actually, F1 decides it will host the race after all at the Miami Dolphins stadium
  • Then the locals got real upset
  • Like, residents-arguing-F1-is-dehumanizing-them upset
  • Which resulted in a lawsuit

It’s been a wild ride from start to finish. We’ll see if the race itself lives up to the hype.

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I love me some F1, but I can’t articulate just how little I care about this news. I know that F1 needs markets, but there’s got to be a better solution than a race in Miami that no one actually wanted...