While Murilee and Jonny continue to trek towards their mission of TOTAL LeMONS COVERAGE DOMINATION, we're here at the home base scouring the comments for the commenter with the mysterious power known around some parts as "the force," or in France as le force. It's what allows a reader to take a subject worthy of something greater than mere mockery or reflection: allusion. We go way back to the first movie in a series of six movies that was actually the fourth movie.

There was much ire directed towards the aeromodded Civic from earlier today, but there was one clear reference that jumped out at us as appropriate and hilarious. From FatBraff:

Uncle Owen... Can I take the Aerocivic over to Toshi Station to pick up some Power Converters?

We agree this ride looks like the land speeder from A New Hope, maybe crossed with Imperial Landing Craft?