Commenter Of The Day: All In The Timing Edition

The future can only be seen in the past, meaning that we can only be wrong or right in retrospect. Today we looked back on the Giugiaro-penned Porsche Tapiro concept, which could be any of the futuristic looking designs of the 1970's. Was it the future? Not quite. Automotive design mostly went another way. That being said, the BMW M1 Homage Concept could be a future grounded in the past. A self-fulfilling future if you will. Either way, most of us enjoyed looking at the future through the eyes of someone in 1970.


Of course, it turns out that the future is apparently JDM kei cars modded into 1970's American steel. And what's today's future?GM is claiming it will be the Chevy Volt, a car designed to help with the new CAFE requirements. Commenter Turbobrick, in a thread full of hilarious comments, sees inspiration for the future in the past:

Spied: The GM backup plan for reaching CAFE goals if the Volt doesn't work.

Maybe that shouldn't be the backup plan.

[Photo: Blow-Net]

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