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The Japanese Convert JDM Boxes Into American Iron

Illustration for article titled The Japanese Convert JDM Boxes Into American Iron

Apparently, the custom van fad of the '70s never died in Japan. But what if you want all the style of a vintage American full-size, but you need the efficiency and small size of a Japanese econobox? Well, do what these guys did, and convert the front end to look just like a Dodge or Chevy Van. Auto-Otaku found these custom creations at the Japanese Mooneyes Street Car Nationals, a gathering of all kinds of American iron in the land of the rising sun. Besides the vans, there were also a couple JDM rides transformed into old Chevy Suburbans, as seen above. [via Auto-Otaku]


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Jeff Glucker

@CornedBeefAsh: so... umm, COTD is done early today? Nice work...