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The new Mustang Mach-E made its debut last night thanks to an accidental leak. We learned all kinds of things about the new car, including trim packages, 0-60 times, EV ranges, and pricing. We also got to see the thing without its camouflage on. It looks a little bit like a Tesla Model X that wasn’t given enough time in the transmogrifyer machine set to Mustang. The hips, grille, and tail lights are clearly Mustang, but the rest of it is just a little bit too... chonky.


Well, like this.

Now, I will admit that the Mustang Mach-E is pretty good looking for an electric crossover. I have certainly calmed down a bit about the Mustang name, too. The specs all seem pretty good. I’ll reserve final judgement for when I see one in the sheet metal, but for now I’m cautiously optimistic.

That said, I laughed my ass clean off when I saw McMike’s comment. Technically it came in last night, but it still got a hell of a lot of stars today, so it wins because I say it does. Congratulations on your Comment Of The Yesterday victory, McMike. Nicely done.


Ice is gonna have to update this song to the new spec.

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