Comment Of The Day: Defender Of The Buick Reatta Edition

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I don’t know if the the Buick Reatta is any good to drive, I mean, I can guess it’s not, but it brought me great joy to see one of our readers come to defend its honor in the comments today.


4x98 here went badmouthing the Ferrari 360, another similarly smooth, eggy-looking car, by claiming it looked like the Reatta and that that was a bad thing.


Luckily for Reatta fans everywhere, RedPir8Roberts was there to swoop in and hilariously backhandedly come to the strange little long-nosed coupe’s defense.

Happy Friday everyone, and happy Comment Of The Day to RedPir8Roberts. Why don’t you go ahead and enjoy this crushingly dated and miserably long Reatta promotional video as your prize.

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Congratulations, Mr. RedPir8Roberts, on COTD! I would like to gift you with a Buick Reatta Grand National which this lovely lady will deliver soon because it’s not awful.