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Ever since Tata announced that it was going to build a Rs 1-Lakh ($2,500) car, there have been some hating on the idea. Certain people are a bit unhappy about the massive amount of congestion the vehicles might cause, the possible environmental impact and the possible lack of safety features (because eight people on a Honda Hero motorcycle is safe). But columnist Mritiunjoy "The Madman" Mohanty, says haters need need to curb their enthusiasm before he points an uzi at them.


Mohanty counters critics by saying that, though the country needs to invest in green solutions and mass transit, destroying a cheap car by taxing it to death will only rob the country of the mobility it needs until a larger solution can be met. He also makes the point that there's a large part of the car market that might move up to larger, more polluting cars if they can afford them. What do you think? Is the $2,500 car for India a good idea? Do you want to wait to actually see the car?

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